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Anonymous asked: I love that Kendall looks like she's having so much fun with her friends at Coachella! Not like those other celebs who go there just to be seen or to show off what they're wearing.

I agree, I love how happy she looks! xx :)

Anonymous asked: can you post what type of workouts Kendall does?

I don’t know any exacts, all I know is that she likes workouts that focus on her core (abdominal area) xx :)

Anonymous asked: I hate when people say Kris is a fame whole and uses her kids. Honestly i agree she can be overbearing, but her kids have a lot to live up to and what mother wouldn't push her kids to be the best they can be? People don't understand what pressure the Kardashian/Jenners have to deal with! Give the woman some credit!

I always see the most ridiculous posts about Kris on confession blogs. People call her the devil and say poor Kendall & Kylie because their mother is awful. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Kris and she’s definitely not the most conventional mother, but calling her evil and the devil is just all kinds of ridiculous. She has set all her kids up for life. If they wanted to stop working tomorrow, they’d be fine. Although people just assume that she forced them into this life style, she really didn’t. It was Kendall that told her mom she wanted to model. It was Kylie who told Kris that they needed a separate manager for her and Kendall because Kris was too focused on the older girls’ careers. Kendall and Kylie could have easily lived relatively normal lives with their limited appearances on the show. But they wanted to work and accept opportunities. Kris may not be the best mother, but no mother is. And she has done a lot more good for her kids than bad xx :)

Anonymous asked: Lol these girls on twitter think they met kendall and took a pic with her but its not even her,this is too funny the girl look nothing like kendall she just has long hair and a denim jacket

Hahaha, I always see that tumblr. People are like “omg I met Kendall today” it’s some random girl who clearly has a sense of humor enough to pretend to be Kendall lolĀ 

Anonymous asked: Also a guy tweeted "pic of kendall jenner booty" and its kylie lol

Haha xx

Anonymous asked: Pinkyv18 has made a post about you

I just saw, I messaged them about it. Thank you for letting me know xx :)