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Anonymous asked: Do you know which brand is Kendall's blouse from Airport Outfirts 2014 5th picture, 3rd outfit?

The gray and white outfit that she recently wore while at the airport with Kim? If so, her jumper is from Topshop and you should be able to find the link for it in my style section xx :)

*If I’m totally off, just let me know*

Anonymous asked: Are you there to talk to about something non-kendall related. I speak to you sometimes and we follow each other sometimes and I'd like to open up to someone. If there's a lot on your plate it's okay you can say no. We don't know each other all that well at all.

Of course I am! You’re more than welcome to message me at any time, it doesn’t have to be Kendall-related at all. If you need to open up to someone, you can definitely do that here! xx :)

Anonymous asked: do you know where from kendall's boots that she wore yesterday in those new candids ?

You can find the link for her boots in this post :)

Kendall has been added to The Hot List on

She has also been added to their new “Social” list (as in social media- she’s number one with a combination of 26,662,526 social media followers) and is in their “Trending” section. Check it out here



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