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Anonymous asked: who was it that walked up to Brody and said that the dude touch her a** on the preview at the end of the kuwtk tonight? Was it Kendall?

I believe so xx 

angelxcaa asked: Heyy do you know what video that gif of Kendall looking a bit confused and she's wearing a grey top from? You just reblogged it

Here :)

Anonymous asked: do you think ken is back in the hamptons? bc of her and khloes Instagram videos

I didn’t even think of that, but it’s possible! xx :)

Anonymous asked: Hello! Is it true that Kim and the family signed for KUWTK and then the sex tape released? I have been reading this a lot on other blogs and people commenting the same thing. I thought the opposite was true.

Yes, that is true. The Kardashian/Jenner family was in talks for a show long before the tape was released and was signed to do it before the release of the tape. The reason Ryan became interested in having a show for the family was because of the older girls’ (mainly Kim’s) growing presence in the media and because Kourtney actually was on a show on E! called Filthy Rich Cattle Drive xx :)

chocoxpresss asked: Hi! Do you know what are the filters that Kendall use on instagram? Or what apps she use. Please tell me and thank you :)

I don’t know what filters, but you can find apps she uses in my FAQs xx :)

Anonymous asked: Do you know what eyelash curler kendall uses? Her lashes are perfect wow

I’m not sure that she uses one, it seems that even without makeup her eyelashes curl pretty naturally. She may still use one of course, I just don’t know if she does and if so, what type xx :)